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Peggy Bundy, Married ... With Children
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Sexy Mom No. 4: Peggy Bundy On 'Married ... With Children'

Played By Actress Katey Sagal (1987-1997)

Before Jaime Pressly stole our hearts in "My Name Is Earl," another trashy mom was steaming up the small screen.

Lazy, loud-mouthed Peggy Bundy may fall under the category of "trailer-trash sexy," but she got our hearts pumping all the same with her low-cut tops, high heels and spandex leggings.

What made Peggy truly hot was that she embraced her sexuality, frequenting strip clubs, enjoying pornography and relentlessly trying to seduce her husband.

While her equally sexy daughter (played by Christina Applegate) may have stolen the spotlight from time to time, there's no denying that Peggy Bundy was the original hot momma. More recently, Sagal won an Emmy for her portrayal of a tough biker mom in "Sons of Anarchy."

If you don't equate trashy with sexy, our next choice -- an upscale mother from a certain suburban lane -- may be more your speed.

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